Privacy Policy

Pinhead Components Inc. ("Pinhead") collects information from persons with whom it deals, which include customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and other persons with whom we deal or have contact (the term "persons" refers to individuals also to corporations and other business entities). Personal information collected by Pinhead will be subject this Privacy Policy.

Purpose of Information

The Purpose for our collecting personal information is dependent upon the information we collect and the nature of our relationship and dealings with the persons from whom we collect it. Primary purpose of the personal information that we collect is to provide us with full contact information for persons that we deal with, so that we can readily contact them by a variety of means. Where personal information is collected for other purposes we shall identify such purposes at the time the information is collected.

Where personal information is collected for the registration of key combination information the purpose for collecting information is to permit Pinhead to maintain a registry of customers and their corresponding key combination, which enables Pinhead to process requests for replacement keys and confirm the idenity of the persons making such requests.

Personal information shall not be used for any purposes other that those for which it was obtained, except with the consent of the person providing it or as required by law.

Personal information may be provided to our employees, agents or representatives who need it to perform their duties for the company. All such parties are required to abide by our Privacy Policy.

Consent for Use

Where we have stated the purpose for which we collect personal information, then providing us with that information shall be considered to be the person's consent to the use of such information for those stated purposes. In all cases, the use of personal information to permit the company or its agents to contact the person shall be implied and deemed stated purpose for the collection of personal information. Should we wish to use personal information for the purposes other that those stated we shall obtain the person's consent before using the personal information for such other purposes. Such consent may be expressed in writting or implied, and may be given verbally, electronically or by other means, by either the person or their authorized representative.


We are responsible for the safekeeping of personal information that we collect. We take security measures to protect personal information against loss, theft, disclosure, copying and unauthorized use. The measures that we take are appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. We will keep personal information for as long as required for the purposes for which it was collected and for as long as may be required by law. When personal information is destroyed, we take measures to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to the information. Employees, agents, representatives and any third parties to whom the information may be given are required to take appropriate measures to safeguard any personal information that may be given to them.

Access and Maintenance

Any person whose personal information we have collected has the right to ask whether we hold any of their personal information and to see that information. If the personal information we have collected is incorrect or incomplete, then they can ask us to change that information. Insuch cases, we may ask for verification of the corrected information. We will also require verification of the identity of the person making the request.


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