Pinhead's Origin Story

In grade nine, everything changed for Linda Young. The final school bell rang, and Linda was excited to enjoy her ride home on a glorious September day. Exiting Lorne Akins Jr. High in St. Albert, Alberta, Linda discovered that her front wheel was missing while her frame remained secured to the bike rack.

This was a while ago, before cell phones and text.

Thus, Linda had plenty of time to sit with her anger while she waited for her mom to come looking for her. She thought: “there must be a way to prevent this!”

This was a defining moment for young Linda and she couldn’t stop thinking about the feeling her stolen wheel left her with. It stuck with her for years to come.

Years later, THE wheel lock design came to Linda in a dream. She knew it was a great idea and set to work on designing and manufacturing it. Pinhead Components was born. OK, it was more complicated than that, but this is the short version!

Linda’s mission is to protect bike owners around the world from a similar fate. Our products are high quality, lightweight, and proven secure. We stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty and spectacular customer service!


  • Founded 1997
  • Industry Leader for bike component locks
  • Used in 20+ countries
  • 1000s of satisfied customers


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free key code registration
  • Exceptional service
  • Made of precision-molded, corrosion-resistant CrMo steel and aircraft aluminum alloys